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Terms and coditions


We always wish to give our customers the best service and satisfaction, we would like your cooperation i.e. when we again transport your furniture.

1. No articles must be packed in wardrobes or other furniture.

2. All water should be drained from washing machines and fridges.

3. Where motors of fridges needs to be bolted down it must be done by owner or pointed out to the driver.

4. All linen should be packed unless otherwise arranged with us.

5. Jewellery, ammunition, keys, medals and firearms must be transported by owner.

6. Fridges and washing machines older than 10 years are transported at owner’s risk.

7. It is the owners duty to see that all items are loaded.

8. Delicate machines like open radios, record players, knitting machines, clocks etc. must be packed by owner unless otherwise arranged with us.

9. Sewing machines must by taken out of cabinets and packed separately.

10. Flowers and plants must not be watered before or during transportation.

11. All goods packed in boxes must be so that 2 men can easily handle it.

12. All electrical connections must be disconnected by owner himself.

13. No pigeon lofts, wire and poles, motor machines, cement blocks or trees will be transported unless previously arranged.

14. Plants will be transported at own risk.

15. All antique furniture, paintings etc. will be transported at owners risk unless extra insurance has been arranged.

16. LIABILITY FOR LOSS OR DAMAGES: All transport work carried out in terms of the contract, including the loading, off-loading, packing, storing and/or safekeeping of any and all goods, is done at exclusive risk of the owner of such goods.

17. If owner allows vehicle onto the premises it is done at his own risk.

18. Any delay incurred by the customer in loading or off loading of vehicle, will be charged out at R100.00 per hour.

19. A claim or dispute shall not be made the reason for deferring payment of any money payable to or liability incurred by the contractor.

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Ons Missie!

Albertinia Meubelvervoer; 'Strewe vir kwaliteit en bekostigbare vervoer vir almal, asook die onderhou van alle regverdigheid in alle opsigte van dienste. Vervoer, die hartklop van Albertinia!'

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Albertinia Meubelvervoer; 'Strives for quality and affordable removal for all, al well as the upholding of all fairness with regard to services. Vervoer, die hartklop van Albertinia!'

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