Albertinia Meubelvervoer


Our storage facilities are located in the Town of Albertinia there by protecting your valuable possessions against damp and rot. The Town of Albertinia is also able to boast with one of the lowest crime rates in the country. Albertinia Meubelvervoer's storage facilities are pest controlled by on of the leading pest control companies in South Africa.

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Rentokil History

Rentokil has become the country's leading commercial pest control service by working in partnership with all kinds of customers to develop the most effective solutions for them. Rentokil's South African journey commenced some 40 years ago. Rentokil being one of the pioneers of professional pest control in South Africa, helped shape and develop this industry. As a household name, Rentokil prides itself in delivering highly effective solutions to our customers, without compromising quality and standards.

Rentokil have grown to be in excess of 1000 operating from 32 branches around the country.

Storage with Albertinia 


Storage information

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Ons Missie!

Albertinia Meubelvervoer; 'Strewe vir kwaliteit en bekostigbare vervoer vir almal, asook die onderhou van alle regverdigheid in alle opsigte van dienste. Vervoer, die hartklop van Albertinia!'

Our Mission!

Albertinia Meubelvervoer; 'Strives for quality and affordable removal for all, as well as the upholding of all fairness with regard to services. Vervoer, die hartklop van Albertinia!'


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